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Solar energy is a renewable form of energy that comes from the sun and then this energy is converted into another form of energy like electrical energy or thermal energy.

The solar panels absorb heat energy from the sun and then convert this heat energy into direct current (DC). Generally, homes and businesses need alternative current AC so DC passes through an inverter and changes into alternative current AC 

After the installation of a solar system, the operational cost for electricity is very low as compared to conventional electricity, the solar energy is easily available everywhere.

By utilizing solar energy, carbon emission becomes very low by reducing greenhouse gases which are extremely harmful to human life.

  the dependence upon fossils fuel can reduce that will decrease the number of air pollutants like carbon die oxide and carbon mono oxide in the environment.

These are important key factors of solar power

  • Location 
  • Weather conditions
  • Design of system 
  • Shading and roof orientation

Not, there is very less need for maintenance for solar because only washing and cleaning of solar panels are required. Inspection of solar panels should be done frequently that don’t need enough money.

These are the benefits of solar energy

  • Low operational cost
  • Reduction in carbon emission
  • No need for fuel
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Reduction in import of oil
  • Environmental friendly energy

Because solar energy is available at a very low cost without using any kind of fossil fuel. By using fossil fuel, carbon emission becomes very low. Solar energy is available in every place and low maintenance requirements for a solar plant.