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Residential Solar

We offer a range of solar solutions for residential use customized to your needs and preferences. Our systems include on-grid hybrid, off-grid hybrid and grid-tie solutions. Solar solutions by Cellsol aim to provide the customers with generating clean energy that will reduce electricity bills and provide an uninterrupted supply of energy at all times.


On-grid solutions generate energy with solar PV systems and are connected to the utility power grid available. These systems enable you to sell back excess power generated back to the grid if you are overproducing units and will result in a huge reduction of your electricity bills with net metering. On-grid solutions will pay for themselves by offsetting utility bill within 3 to 5 years.

These systems have a conversion time as low as 20 milliseconds and will result in your micro-electronics (routers, computers, CCTV etc.) running continuously.

On-grid systems are best for reducing electricity bills and carbon footprint and serve as a good long-term investment.



Off-grid solar solutions allow you to store solar power in batteries for use when there is no electricity or even when you are not on the grid. They are a complete system on their own and will provide uninterrupted power supply when the grid is down. Off-grid solutions are also recommended for areas where the grid does not support net metering. In such areas the systems will also be effective in reducing electricity costs.

These systems are best to make you independent of the electricity grid and make your own energy. The investment will pay for itself within a time period of 4 to 6 years compared to utility.



A grid-tie solution uses solar panels and an inverter to produce energy and is tied with your utility grid directly. The foremost benefit of this system is that it has no upper limit to the load that it can bare, allowing it to run multiple electrical appliances like air conditioners, motors, irons, heaters etc. This solution will provide users with a conversion time of less than 10 milliseconds in synced systems.


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