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With the ever-increasing cost of commercial electrical units and frequent power outages, renewable energy like solar solutions have become a necessity. Investment in a solar systems solution will not only lower operational costs of your business but also ensure uninterrupted power supply for the smooth running of your business.

Pure Green Energy
Efficency Upto 90%
Increase Your Productivity

Cellsol provides three kinds of solar solutions for commercial users: Off-gridhybrid, On-gridhybrid and Grid-tie.

Off-grid systems are best for short-term usage, these will reduce per unit cost and power outages will not affect you because you are making your own electricity.

On-grid systems are efficient when the requirement is uninterrupted power supply and they are designed to replace your online UPS system. There will be no disconnection in networking. Electric bills can be greatly reduced through net metering.

Grid-tie systems are best for long-term use and with net metering can reduce the electricity bill significantly. These systems allow you to access free electricity at your will and come with security and replacement warranties upto 25 years.

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