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Agriculture is a vital part of Pakistan’s economy and it provides a source of living to a huge percentage of the population. However, the cost and unavailability of electricity has been a great source of hinderance in the irrigation of many a fertile land. The agricultural sector faces tremendous losses due to the inadequate energy infrastructure, with the grid being unable to provide the rural areas with electricity for even a few days at a time.

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The Pakistani weather and sunlight hours make solar energy a viable solution to all these problems. Cellsol aims to provide big and small-scale agriculturists with solar power solutions to run their tubewells on DC and AC systems (depending on their requirements).These not only provide continuous power for their irrigation needs but off-grid systems installed have enabled people in rural areas to run small-scale grinding units, fodder cutting machinery and cooling/exhaust fans for poultries. With net metering of these systems the electricity bill is reduced drastically. The solar solutions provided by Cellsol are budget friendly and cost effective to the extent that the system will pay for itself in less than 2 years time.

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