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4 Tips to Beat the Heat and Your Utility Bills

This summer has scorched Pakistan and we Pakistanis are paying for it.  Literally!

But we don’t have to.

For example, even though the average Pakistani resident’s utility bill is the highest in Pakistan, going solar can reduce your energy bill by up to 90%. In addition, we’ll give you this list of ridiculously simple and inexpensive ways to cut your energy bill right now.


1.     Temperature Tips

The main cause of your energy bill skyrocketing along with the temperature is A/C. Fortunately, you can keep your cool and your costs low by employing the following strategies:

  1. Keep control of your Thermostat 

Here’s an interesting fact: every degree above 78 reduces your A/C use (and bill) by 10%. Every degree below 78, on the other hand, raises it by 10%. Having said that, being aware of what temperature you set your thermostat to can make a significant difference in your electric bill. Consider raising the thermostat to 78-80 degrees when you are not at home for an extended period. Consider installing a smart thermostat to help you control your usage throughout the day.

  1. Become a Fan of Fans

Fans can make a room feel 5-10 degrees cooler for less than the cost of running your air conditioner. On a hot summer day, instead of reaching for the thermostat, try turning on a ceiling fan. Turn off your fans when no one is home to save even more energy.

  1. Throw Some Shade

In your bedrooms, that is. We’ve all had that melty feeling in direct sunlight; well, your home’s rooms will feel the same way when the sun shines on them. Use drapes, blinds, and/or shades whenever possible to keep temperatures (and utility bills) down.

  1. Check Your Air Filters Monthly

Checking your air filters monthly and replacing them as needed is a quick and easy way to reduce your energy costs. Clogged, dusty air filters force your air conditioner to work twice as hard to cool your rooms.

2.   Electricity Tips

These suggestions are not intended to discourage you from using electricity, but rather to keep you from paying for energy that you are not using.

  1. Unplug Unused Electronics

Common household appliances, such as your TV, Xbox, computer, phone charger, microwave, printer, and so on, may appear innocuous, but they are energy hogs. On average, household appliances cost a homeowner 22,000 per year when they are turned off, in sleep mode, or plugged in but not in use. The solution is simpler than you might think: use power strips and turn off appropriate appliances and devices when not in use.


  1. Switch to LED Lights

LED lights cost only a few rupees per bulb and use 85% less energy per watt than incandescent light bulbs (and 10% less than fluorescent light bulbs) over their 20-year lifespan. As a result, your lighting costs will be reduced by 85%!

  1. Just turn it off!

When it comes to lights, turn them off if you aren’t using them. There’s no reason for lights to be turned on in an empty room, and flipping the switch takes only 0.01 seconds.


3.   Professional Energy Audit


Reduce before You Produce, as CellSol Energy puts it. It makes no difference whether you generate your power through solar energy or purchase energy from the power company if that energy is leaking out of your home due to inefficiencies. Smart Energy Solutions, a CellSol energy efficiency company, will assist you in making your home as energy-efficient as possible.


4.  The 90% Savings Tip: Generate Your Own Solar Energy!

By far the most effective way to save money is to reverse the sun’s rays. Install solar panels on your home or business to reduce your utility bill by up to 90% by utilizing the source of your summer heat and A/C bills!

And, if you don’t have a lot of money to put down on a solar energy system, don’t worry – with CellSol’s low-interest loan program, you can start saving money from the first day you go solar with no cash down (not to mention the plethora of other financial incentives currently available, including a 30% federal tax credit that is only  

Are you ready to start saving money this summer? Click here to speak with a Solar Consultant and receive a free, no-obligation solar quote for your home or business!

Happy summer savings!